Private Tranquility Suites

Lotus & Cherry Blossom 

Each of our private suites have traditional dry saunas, soaking tub with jets and a shower.  We include towels, lavender ice water, exfoliating cloth, and hot tea. 

The tubs are drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh hot water between each visit to ensure the most hygienic conditions.

Cherry Blossom Suite

25 minutes $28 for 1 $50 for 2
50 minutes $38 for 1 $70 for 2
80 minutes $62 for 1 $115 for 2
110 minutes $88 for 1 $170 for 2

 Enjoy our tubs or saunas more frequently and save with one of our membership



Bath Additives

Enhance your visit for a unique experience with your choice of one of our three bath additive.  

Includes signature facial products- a bamboo jojoba face scrub and a rose face mist


Volcanic Bath

This is the ultimate tension relieving bath; great for toning the skin, soothing the body, and promoting healing relaxation by relieves aches and pains.  Helps with muscle tension, arthritis, and mild detox.

Silky Pagoda Bath

This silky smooth, sweetly scented bath infuses the benefits of coconut milk, goat mail, and green clay to help balance the natural PH of your skin, draw out impurities, and provides an uplifting tone for your day. 

Decadence Bath

A bath of pure decadence that nourishes your skin; with sweet honey, soothing milk, rich Kaolin clay, and Vanilla extract.  Helps to moisturize and hydrate your body.

ADD - $30 per tub

Simply Sauna

Use of sauna and shower.  

Include towels, exfoliating cloth and water.

30 minutes $20 per person
60 minutes $30 per person
90 minutes $45 per person

Benefits of Saunas:

1. Relieves stress

2. Relax muscles and sooth joint aches

3. Flushes toxins

4. Cleanse the skin

5. Helps with deeper sleep

6. Burns calories

7. Helps fight illness and boost immunity

*These benefits are from studies done with traditional dry saunas and regular sauna use.

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