Swedish Massage

A Swedish style massage ranging from light to medium, firm pressure. This therapeutic style helps
relieve the stress of everyday life, to achieve balancing relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

A focused massage infuses advanced techniques to work on the deeper layers of muscle. This style helps to relieve chronic tension and stress. Typically recommended for people with high stress or are physically active. 

          Swedish Deep Tissue Pregnancy
20 minutes $55 ---- $55
50 minutes $95 $110 $95
80 minutes $135 $150 $135
110 minutes $175 $190 ----
*Longer times available upon request

**REMEMBER...Please let your therapist know if anything is uncomfortable. Your deep tissue massage should help relieve pain and not feel like you are enduring it.**

Pregnancy Massage

This nurturing massage is modified for special needs during pregnancy to help relieve discomfort, improve sleep, and boost energy. Recommended for all stage of pregnancy.  

Options of a pregnancy table (with belly hole for laying face down) or side lying massage.  

Warm Stone Massage

warm stonesFeel the tension melt away as heated stones relax your entire being to deeper levels. Warm smooth stones are gently placed on your body to heat and relax joints and muscles. Then you are massaged with stones and hands for a triple layer massage blend.

          Warm Stone
50 minutes $125
80 minutes $165
110 minutes $205

*Longer times available upon request


Our oil is infused with herbs and essential oils for added benefits to any massage style (except Thai).  Your choices: Lavender, Muscle Comfort, or Rest & Relax      

ADD- $5 per massage

                                   Traditional Thai Massage

              An ancient healing art that incorporates stretching and point work. It is known as "lazy man's yoga". 

This style helps increase energy flow and flexibility; for an energized relaxation.   

                *Performed on a thai mat with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing.  Not recommended for those with acute lower back issues.

East West Massage

Start with a Thai massage
to balance your body and increase your mobility; then move to a massage table
for a invigorating Deep Tissue Massage to work out stress and tension.

   *Please remember to wear loose comfortable clothing for the Thai Massage.  Table half can be Swedish style, just let us know.

              Thai    East West
50 minutes $110 $110
80 minutes $150 $150
110 minutes ---- $190


Massage Duet*

Enjoy any of our massages, side by side, in one of our two luxurious doubles rooms.

                                                                                      *Massages must be same length of time.

50 minute Swedish massages for two     $190     
80 minutes Swedish massages for two    $270    

                                                                                                                         **Upgrade to Deep tissue, Thai, or East West for $15 per person

                                                                                                              ** Upgrade to Warm Stone for $30 per person


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